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Brand Surovaya
All the irrepressibility of this world, its speed and drive is carried by a modern girl.

She skillfully juggles tenderness and severity, beauty and brutality, perseverance and gentleness.

It contains all the shades of life, feelings, sounds, touches. Woven together like an infinite number of notes become the basis of a melody.

It took the girl a long time to figure out WHO she was.

Victories and failures, undertakings, dreams, unsaid and spoken words, fleeting and prolonged meetings, glances, handshakes, hugs – made her who SHE became.

The Russian brand Surovaya emphasizes this transformation with mathematical precision.

Geometric cut, adjusted fit, asymmetrical details and high quality materials guard the identity of each girl. There are no extra lines, details or shades. As well as there are no extra clothes.

Wardrobe is a well–honed tool of self-expression. Each item is in its place, combined with other positions in the wardrobe and subtly reflects the mood of the hostess.

The task of the brand is to go hand in hand with the girl. Every clasp, crease on the trousers or the shape of the collar is designed to give her strength. Not to distract, but to direct.

Surovaya clothing protects what is inside.
"It's hard to protect what's inside. Everyone has their own "inside". You put on a suit and feel the power that sounds like a mouthpiece for the sacred that is inside you: kindness, determination, tenderness, emotionality, independence.
The audience chooses what fills them. And the brand leaves freedom of choice and deeply respects the truth "happiness loves silence".

Designer Lara Surovaya