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Collection FW/21-22

F/W 2021-2022
About collection:
Power. Restraint. Calmness. Merge.
This is how the Surovaya brand sees the upcoming autumn season.

This strong, powerful slogan conveys the feelings of every girl balancing between the fascinating, all-consuming occupation of an inhabitant of a megalopolis and the tranquility of her inner world. It is this balance that gives strength and confidence in every day. It is in this state - honing, revealing and polishing new facets of your powers and capabilities - that you understand who you really are.

Allow yourself to experience the whole palette of emotions this fall, from raging thunderstorms and prolonged rains to incredibly alluring, light clouds and reflections of sunlight. Feel the power of the roots that form your connection with your true self, and the power of the eagle's wings that lift you above the ordinary!
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